The Michigan STEM Partnership is a statewide, public-private collaborative that includes educators, employers, policy-makers, and others who are concerned about addressing the current lack of STEM skills in schoolchildren and job applicants.

Grants: In 2014, the STEM Partnership will offer competitive grants that support a culture of applied learning that is hands-on, cross-disciplinary, and project-based. This new approach to education will nurture the development of skills required in the modern workplace. Information is available here and from each hub leadership team after March 7.

Our Mission

The Michigan STEM Partnership is the connector and statewide communicator between employers, educators, students, parents, and legislators, providing strategic support for the effectiveness and sustainability of STEM education in order to prepare Michigan learners to reach their full potential in a fiercely competitive economy.

Our Vision

The Michigan STEM Partnership positively impacts economic development by connecting the P-20 education system to relevant world-class skills, academic ambitions and rewarding career pathways. Leveraging our extraordinary Michigan assets, STEM education serves the workforce needs of STEM fields and the creative demands of a diverse, innovative and thriving Michigan economy.

Our Goals 2014-2016

Goal 1
Promote, inspire, and empower STEM education instruction

Goal 2
Engage employers in STEM education and career development

Goal 3
Ensure the viability of STEM education and the Partnership organization

Goal 4
Actively connect STEM initiatives and programs

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Presentation of awards to successful students in the STEM & Me competition were made at the Hannah Building, Ottawa Street, Lansing on February 11, 2014. Students and teachers were honored during a meeting of the State Board of Education. Winning entries may be viewed here.