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STEM Stats - Michigan vs. U.S.


Girls set AP Computer Science record .... skyrocketing growth outpaces boys

25 highest-paying jobs in America

INFOGRAPHIC: Which states have the smallest gender gap in STEM occupations?

2017's best & worst metro areas for STEM professionals

Is an aging STEM workforce affecting research, innovation?

Accenture finds girls' take-up of STEM subjects is held back by stereotypes, negative perceptions and poor understanding of career options

The state of K-12 computer science 2016 -

Countries with the most STEM graduates

Women, Minorities and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering report released

Interventions with parents push kids to pursue STEM

The gender gap in computer science is hurting U.S. businesses

Preparing America's labor force: Workforce development programs in public community colleges

What's wrong with this picture? 1M more jobs than students by 2020


To generate lasting interest in STEM fields, we'll need more than robots

Taking a stand in STEM: How women contribute to the sciences

The Complex Data on Girls in STEM

INFOGRAPHIC: Our Future Demands STEM


INFOGRAPHIC: What Students Want

INFOGRAPHIC: Businesses Weigh In On Solving the Skills Gap

INFOGRAPHIC: CODE RED - The Status of Girls in Computer Science Education

STEM Research / Data - Michigan STEM Partnership  - Projected_2010_-_2020_STEM_increasesResearch Reports

Technology, jobs and the future of work

2017's Best & Worst Metro Areas for STEM Professionals

STEM Occupations: Past, Present and Future

The State of STEAM Report - Greater Lansing Region - 10/2016

Michigan's 2016 STEM Report Card

Where are STEM Students? / Where are the STEM Jobs?

Science & Engineering Indicators 2016 Digest

Michigan's Forgotten Middle-Skill Jobs; Meeting the Demands of a 21st-Century Economy

CompTIA U.S. Tech Overview vs Michigan Tech Overview

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