What We Do

How We Help | Promoting Economic Growth | Michigan STEM Partnership - how1We Promote STEM Education by Connecting Students, Teachers, Businesses, and STEM providers with one another.

The Partnership is a group of individuals who share the common goal of creating a workforce with the skills required to create and sustain a vital state economy. Currently, companies are hiring out-of-state workers for many STEM positions here in Michigan. Developing these necessary STEM skills involves P-20 education with a focus on communication, problem-solving, and innovation.

How We Help:

  • By working with the media & state government on statewide STEM initiatives
  • By promoting awareness of STEM and career opportunities
  • By supporting high academic standards and opportunities
  • By connecting families with STEM education events and programs
  • By connecting job-seekers with STEM job preparedness events
  • By securing grants for STEM programs throughout Michigan
YOU can help bring quality STEM programs to Michigan.
Donate your time, skills or make a financial contribution to help build a stronger future.