SE MI STEM Summit 2019 - Business and/or Job Fair Exhibitor Information

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Businesses today - in a wide variety of industries - have found themselves to have need of employees with STEM skills, education and experience.

Areas in high-demand include: computing, life/physical sciences, engineering, and mathematics. Available jobs include education needs ranging from on-the-job training and apprenticeships to those requiring Associate, Bachelor and/or post-graduate degrees.

But these employees are getting more difficult to find every day. To help drive interest in STEM careers at your business, we encourage you to promote you organization overall, the work you do in STEM fields, and to showcase and take applications for STEM jobs which may currently be available.

All business exhibitors may include a sign in their exhibit that highlights available STEM positions. We recommend including an HR representative among your exhibit staff to accept resumes and answer questions.

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YOU can help bring quality STEM programs to Michigan.
Donate your time, skills or make a financial contribution to help build a stronger future.