The Status of STEM - in the U.S. and in Michigan * **


  • Average annual salary for computing occupations in Michigan is $78,001 (significantly higher than the $46,310 average annual salary for all Michigan jobs) - MICoding
  • 71% of all new jobs in STEM in Michigan are in computing (vs. 8% of STEM graduates in Michigan in computer science) - MICoding
  • STEM job-holders earn more on average than other Michigan workers. In 2013, the average wage among all occupations in Michigan was $21.40 per hour, compared to $34.40 per hour for STEM occupations.
  • Men account for a disproportionate share of those employed in STEM jobs, and those enrolled in STEM training programs.
  • Those employed in STEM occupations in Michigan earn $1.33 less per hour  than their national counterparts. Among the top 10 states in terms of percentage of workforce employed in STEM occupations, Michigan ranks last in average hourly wage for a STEM occupation
  • In 2013, jobs in STEM occupations measured 7.2% of total Michigan employment
  • 44.2% of all SE MI job ads require STEM skills (Source: Brookings analysis of Burning Glass Data)
  • STEM job opportunities are expected to grow by 11.8% thru 2020 in Michigan, compared to 8.5% for all occupations
  • Regarding potential labor supply, Michigan recorded 25,170 completers in STEM degree programs. This represents 16.7% of all degree completers, slightly higher than the national share of 14.2%.
  • Among the STEM programs in Michigan with the most completer's were General Biology/Biological Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  • The top three STEM occupations in Michigan in terms of total employment are Mechanical engineers (32,640), Industrial engineers (24,430), and Computer user support specialists (19,630).
  • Among larger STEM occupations, the highest paying job titles include Architectural and Engineering managers ($56.45, Computer and Information Systems managers ($51.21), and Software Developers, Systems Software ($43.02).
  • Michigan remains a national leader in both the number of completions in STEM programs (8th) and in the share of total completions that are in STEM programs (9th).
  • A potential sign of talent diversification, the top five STEM degrees conferred have gradually declined in total share dropping almost 3 percentage points over the last 5 academic years. Over the same period, Digial Communication and Media/Multimedia (+386), Network and System Administration (+150), Systems Engineering (+124), and Materials Engineering (+105) have emerged as some of the fastest growing in STEM degrees awarded.
  • 30% of all jobs in the Metro Detroit area are in R&D and STEM-intensive industries

United States:

  • As of February 2012, more than half of the 30 fastest growing occupations require some level of post-secondary education
  • Of the 15 major categories, Engineering has the highest median earnings, yet less than 20% of students chooses a STEM path
  • By 2018, 92% of traditional STEM jobs will be for those with at least some post-secondary education & training
  • 23% of STEM workers are women; however, women make up 48% of workers in all occupations
  • In 2009, 12% of STEM workers were non-Hispanic Black and Hispanic. But non-Hispanic Black and Hispanic individuals accounted for 25% of overall employment
  • 1/2 of all STEM jobs do not require a four-year degree and pay an average of $53,000; 10% higher than non-STEM jobs with similar education requirements (Source: Change the Equation)
  • Women received 29.6% of Computer Science degrees in 1991, compared to 18.2% in 2010
  • Less than 50% of entry-level STEM jobs require higher education or a college degree (of course having a 4-yr degree will place you at a higher pay scale)

* A Look at Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Talent in Michigan, March 2015. State of MI, DTMB

** STEM Education Statistics, 2016, National Math & Science Initiative

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